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Getting married at Schloss Haigerloch

A fairy tale wedding: romantic, luxurious and stress free. Schloss Haigerloch offers everything that
is required for a dream marriage: Beautiful churches and a romantic ambiance, whether in the castle
or on the cosy “Mechthild Terrace”. Festive rooms, fine cuisine and maybe the romantic little
gatehouse for the bridal couple and comfortable hotel rooms for their guests. We are eager to
meet even the most extraordinary wishes

Suitable for weddings are the Graf Cristoph Saal, the Graf Albrecht Sal and the Preußen Saal.
Civil marriage ceremonies can be held in the Green Salon. Depending on the number of guests,
we offer flexible seating. Our excellent cuisine in accordance with our well trained and attentive
service will make your wedding in the historical rooms an unforgettable event.

Halls and premises

Graf Christoph & Graf Albrecht Hall in combination with Graf Meinrad Rooms

Weddings, family gatherings and other festivities.
up to 150 people depending on seating


Roter Salon: Registry Office

Suitable for civil weddings
up to 43 people


Graf Oswald Foyer & Gräfin Mechthild Terrace

Suitable for stand-up reception at weddings, family gatherings, talks, concerts and exhibitions.
Up to 50 people


Preussen Saal with Lila Salon

Weddings, family gatherings, concerts.
48 to 80 people depending on seating.



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