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We are glad to offer you additional choices:

Yoghurt Euro 2,50 apiece
Bretzel with butter Euro 2,50 apiece
Half a roll with cold meat/cheese/fish Euro 4,00 apiece
Danish pastry Euro 2,50 apiece
Croissants Euro 2,50 apiece
Ham croissants Euro 3,00
Home made fruit cake Euro 3,50 apiece
Choice of fresh fruits Euro 3,50 per person
Fruit tarts Euro 4,00 apiece
Bircher muesli
(porridge-style muesli with condensed milk and grated apple)
Euro 5,00 per person
Fingerfood (e.g. canapes, tartes, rolls and other classics ) Euro 11,00 per person

Overnight Stays from Monday to Friday (from 10 rooms):

Single or double room for single use, with bath/shower,
including breakfast from our »Schloss Buffet«.

Per person/day     EUR 95,00 / EUR 165,00

Our packages include the following

  • For events with more than 11 participants we provide one conference room and – if needed – one common room free of charge. Every additional room can be booked according to the rent on our list (does not apply when renting our conference rooms)
  • For events with up to 10 people we charge an additional rent for the provided conference room. Seating plan will be prepared according to your wishes.
  • Standard equipment included: big screen, flip chart with pad 
and pencils, pin board covered with paper on both sides. Fees for additional technical equipment see below.
  • For the morning coffee break we offer coffee or tea and a choice of snacks (see list above)
  • Lunch/dinner in our restaurant with two- or three course menus according to your choice.
  • For afternoon coffee break we offer homemade pastries and cakes or our tasty little snacks.
  • Drinks consumed during the meals are charged according to consumption.
  • We provide mineral water and Apfelschorle free of charge for consumption during your meetings at the conference room.
  • Self-catering with personal food and drinks is not allowed.
  • Your room is at your disposal from 2.00 pm. At the day of your departure please leave your room until 11.00 am. If you want to keep your room during the day of your departure, we charge 80 % of the room rate. This is subject to change and depends on room availability.
  • Variations in the number of participants can only be accounted for free of charge up to 7 days before the start of the meeting. For later cancellations please consult our terms of contract.
  • Please understand that we can’t provide a refund on items included in the package that you don’t make use of.
  • A splitting of packages is not possible however you can book individual services.

All our prices include VAT. (Latest version: 12/2016).


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