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Individual components

Two course menu with two optional main courses* per person/day €  29,00
Three course menu with two optional main courses* per person/day €  36,00

* We are happy to arrange appropriate menus for
attendees who prefer vegetarian oder vegan meals.

Coffee, Thermopane (7 cups) per pot €  17,00
Boiled water with a wide range of exclusive
Ronnefeldt tea varieties
per pot €  13,00
Lunch: 1 non-alcoholic drink und 1 coffee per person/day €   8,00
Dinner: 1 non-alcoholic drink, 1 coffee und
1 alcoholic drink (beer 0,3l o. wine 0,2l)
per person/day € 16,00
Conference: Table water and apple spritzer (0,75l)
during conference in the room
per person/day

€ 11,00

All our prices include VAT. (Latest version: 12/2016)


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