Churches in Haigerloch

Besides the castle church there are three more churches in Haigerloch which are worth seeing:
The baroque St. Anna’s church of Pilgrimage, the neo gothique protestant church with a replica of
da Vinci’s “last supper” in original size, and the gothic Church St. Nicolaus in the
lower part of the town which was built in 1250 and is therefore the oldest church in town.

The Tourist Information office offers guided tours in all these churches.
Further information on the Haigerloch website


Catholic rectory
Rector Michael Storost,
Gruoler Straße 1, 72401 Haigerloch, Phone:  +49 (0) 7474.363

Protestant rectory
Rector Dr. Dorothee Kommer,
Pfleghofstraße 25, 72401 Haigerloch, Phone + 49 (0) 7474.355


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